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Mr. Syed Sanaul Haque, Advocate, Supreme Court of Bangladesh

Advocate Sanaul Haque has been working with various banks and financial institutions in Bangladesh for well over 20 years providing legal assistance over wide range of issues. Advovcate Haque actively provides his expert consultancy and valued guidance to
C. T. Karim & Partners for dealing with complex banking and securitization issues.

Mr. Kauser Alam (Samir), Advocate, Supreme Court of Bangladesh

Advocate Kauser Alam is extemely efficient, specialised and experienced in conducting civil litigations in the Supreme Court of Bangladesh. Advocate Kauser Alam assits C. T. Karim & Partners in connection to writ petitions, company law litigation and other civil revisions/appeals at the High Court Division of the Supreme Court.

Mr. Wali-Ul-Maroof Matin

Mr. Maroof Matin has been actively involved with the capital market of Bangladesh over the past two decades. Mr. Matin formerly served as Chief Executive Officer of Chittagong Stock Exchange, following which he was assigned as advisor to the Governor, State Bank of Sierra Leone in connection to setting up the first stock exchange of the country. Presently he is Managing Director of Alliance Capital Asset Manangement Company, an asset management company licensed by the Securities & Exchanges Commission, Bangladesh.

With Mr. Matin's indepth knowledge on the various rules, regulations and formalities which govern the ever growing capital market of Bangladesh, C. T. Karim & Partners is able to provide accurate advice to its clientele, particularly on issues pertaining to raising capital from the public market.